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Marketing compliance reinvented.

Law of the Jungle Marketing is the agile path to effective compliance. It means you:

Gain Back Control

Tired of seeing creative ideas crossed out or binned? Be empowered to make the right call, and stay in the driver’s seat through compliance review.

Reduce Time To Market

Get it right and get it out. Make your deadlines and be quicker to react to market trends and needs. In real time.

Get More Done

Less process. Skip unnecessary drafts and long approval waiting periods. Imagine what you could do with the extra time.

Protect Your Brand

Building a great brand reputation is safer and surer than ever before. Now you can prove your compliance effortlessly.

Let the numbers speak for themselves



in time-cost for marketing compliance at a major bank.



time saving for 70% of jobs at a leading entertainment group.


Productivity Boost

for compliance reviewers at a global pharmaceutical company.


Average Decrease

in review rounds for draft assets in Law of the Jungle.

Law of the Jungle marketing compliance interface on a desktop monitor

Simply Smart

We understand how limited your time is and how efficient you need to be. That’s why Law of the Jungle Marketing is equipped with everything you need to keep the compliance process smart and simple:

Seamless audit trail

Issue recognition and resolution

Accelerating sign-offs

Always up-to-date

Document versioning and management

Annotations, campaign clusters

Task management

And much more

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In their words

Expert know-how makes it easy.

With a pedigree in law and deep industry knowledge, Law of the Jungle clears a path through the complex statutes, regulations, codes and cases that can cripple your marketing outcomes.

Law of the Jungle is purpose-built for all major sectors and jurisdictions with both pre-defined and customisable options.


Customers that use Law of the Jungle Marketing are all alive to the risks of getting it wrong and the costs of getting it right. Many are leaders in key sectors in Australia, regionally or globally. All of them are under pressure to deliver fast yet prove due diligence. In B2C or B2B. Above or below the line. Brand or product marketing. Direct marketing. Electronic and digital marketing. Social media.

The telecommunications company using Law of the Jungle to reduce legal interventions from 80,000 legal interventions per year to less than 40,000.

The financial services institution that hoped for 10-20% reduction in the time-cost of compliance – yet achieved a 92% reduction using Law of the Jungle.

The gaming company which reduced marketing complaints to zero using Law of the Jungle – and won plaudits from the regulator for doing so.

The pharmaceutical company which increased the number of its subsidiary companies using Law of the Jungle from two to nine and increased outputs by 800% yet was able to perform compliance review with the same team on a faster turnaround.

The leisure and entertainment company that saves 2.5 weeks per marketing job by using a ‘triage’ function via Law of the Jungle to manage and escalate higher risk jobs while fast tracking lower risk jobs.

The fast moving consumer goods company that embedded its RACI policies and freed up its regulatory and legal functions by empowering marketers through compliance hurdles.

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Get Your Business RegTech Ready

RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is all about using agile technology to help businesses understand and manage their regulatory risks. It makes compliance less complex, requires less resources and improves the quality and efficiency of the business.

“That’s why RegTech is a new word. But there aren’t many RegTech innovators yet – the industry is crying out for more.”

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“Signs of initial ‘scaled up’ adoption of RegTech solutions are already in sight, including new technologies, such as risk and regulatory compliance management solutions.”

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“In the short term RegTech will help firms to automate the more mundane compliance tasks and reduce operational risks associated with meeting compliance and reporting obligations.”

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