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It’s a jungle out there

Our tools are advanced cloud technologies but our roots lie in the complex challenge of making law work for business.

The burden of regulation, industry codes, complaints bodies and court rulings has always been obvious. Long sign-off processes are a drain on time and resources. Repeat rounds of rework and error correction stifle creative output. Why can’t the legal hurdles all be lined up in a simple sequence to provide a fast path to protection and competitiveness? Our story started there, with that question.

The vision

CEO and founder Greg San Miguel spent over a decade as partner of a national law firm where he saw first hand the cost and inefficiency of the legal sign-off process. In fact most of that process existed to overcome the gap between the business aim and the legal constraint. The hope was that closing the gap sooner would slash process and cut the time it took to get the message right and get it out into the market. That is exactly what happened. Clients using Law of the Jungle have slashed time to market, improved compliance quality and consistency and achieved a huge boost to productivity.

The team

Our business comprises specialists in each of the disciplines needed to address the marketing compliance challenge. Our team includes lawyers and legally qualified researchers and analysts … experts in marketing, business process management and user experience … specialists in client success … all backed by a large and formidably talented product development and support team.

The technology

Law of the Jungle was the first mover in commercialising a technology-based rules engine for use by non-lawyers. We also led the field in compliance e-learning that focused on actual behavioural outcomes. With the scale benefits of new technologies in cloud computing, natural language parsing and machine learning, Law of the Jungle is at the global forefront of RegTech solutions and is the clear market leader in marketing compliance.

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