Launch faster

The NPD process, campaign launches and new packaging designs always take longer than expected.

Law of the Jungle Marketing guides your decisions in real-time so you can streamline the compliance process, reduce time to market and reach your KPIs earlier.

React to real time market trends & events

Allow your marketing team to react to real-time market trends and develop an agile internal compliance process. Our smart technology is designed to be managed by marketers and address their dynamic needs under the oversight of their colleagues in regulatory roles.

Regain cost-effectiveness

No more paper drafts, unclear meetings or time wasted on email back-and-forth between your legal and marketing teams.

Empower your marketing team to effectively manage their compliance duties from their desk and free up the legal team so everybody can focus on what they do best.

Stay consistent

When it comes to product life cycle management, consistency across all channels and platforms remains an elusive goal. It’s important that your marketing content connects to all customer touch-points with your product or brand.

Law of the Jungle Marketing does this work for you by keeping all marketing messages, claims and declarations consistent throughout all brand, product and SKU materials.

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