In the jungle of marketing compliance you need a guide to keep you on the right path

Keep it simple

An intuitive, user-friendly interface guides you through compliance validation by providing real time answers to marketing requirements, without you ever having to leave your desk.

Keep it smart

Our cloud-based solution is designed to immediately recognise potential compliance risks and suggest amendments to your work.

Keep it on time

Our platform provides annotations and collaboration options, allows default approvals and sends you reminder notifications. This enables you to create a smart and effective validation process and ensure on-time delivery.

Keep it safe

Compliance isn’t the only measure that protects your brand, you need to ensure you’re taking the right security measures. Our platform offers features like encrypted asset storage, restricted access and job locking.

Keep it together

Our platform is designed to be managed by marketers, audited by lawyers and shared with relevant stakeholders to ensure full collaboration and minimum redundancy.

Keep it on track

Say goodbye to paper drafts and endless correspondence. Law of the Jungle Marketing enables you to track, audit and issue a full proof of your marketing compliance path, without ever having to file a single document.

Keep it up-to-date

We keep all legal content correct and up-to-date across all relevant geographies, verticals and lines of business. Any marketing work submitted to the platform is reviewed against the most recent legislation.

Keep it right

Different paths, case studies and illustrations drawn from real-life cases in your industry illustrate what can go wrong. Law of the Jungle Marketing directs you on how to avoid these mistakes so you can get it right.

Keep it going

Automated validation and accelerated sign-off means you get to be even more efficient. This enables your marketing and legal teams to focus on what they do best and maximise productivity.

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