Turn obligations into your edge

Compliance is associated with black letter rules and laws, but risk management is not. It is not enough to ensure marketing material is compliant. You need to ensure that your process enables highly effective risk management in order to improve business performance. Law of the Jungle Marketing seamlessly tackles marketing compliance and provides for a powerful risk management tool. Our solution tracks each and every answer in a logical audit trail that is easily accessible for risk personnel.

Exceed your expectations

Management is responsible for ensuring effective long term risk management and effective daily compliance. Law of the Jungle Marketing allows you to achieve and optimise marketing compliance and streamline the process to improve long term risk management practice.

Tackle the frontline

Compliance starts with the marketer. It is important to ensure your staff recognise their responsibilities for front-line risk. Law of the Jungle Marketing equips the marketing team with agile technology that ensures material is compliant from the get-go. Automated validation and accelerated sign-off mean that this process is sustainable and becomes leaner with time.

Maintain agility

The financial sector is heavily constrained by complex regulations. The company that tackles these obligations effectively has the upper hand. You need your marketing compliance to be just as agile as your marketing. Law of the Jungle Marketing‘s smart technology is the key differentiator between you and the competition.

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