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What is Law of the Jungle Marketing?

Law of the Jungle Marketing is a cloud-based solution that provides real-time guided marketing compliance validation and replaces the long, tedious and ineffective process most companies go through to achieve full compliance. Our platform acts as a marketing compliance GPS that guides you on the quickest, most effective route to achieve full compliance while minding your changing business needs and providing the most up-to-date legislation relevant to your business. Request a demo to see how easy it is to make marketing compliance work for you.

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Who is it for?

Law of the Jungle Marketing suits any business aiming to obtain full marketing compliance in the most effective way without compromising its creative marketing aspirations. It is designed to be used and led by the marketers in the business with oversight and tasking options for the legal department or any other team you need to collaborate with.

Whether it’s a global corporate or a local small scale business, a B2B or B2C, one industry or another – we can adjust and customise the platform to suite any type of business in any sector.

Do you need any legal background to be able to use it?

Absolutely not!

Law of the Jungle Marketing is designed to assist non-lawyers make marketing compliance work for them (and not the other way around) by giving them access to legal know-how and regulatory guidance at their fingertips. This means that non-lawyers can easily get real time answers to any marketing related legal questions at any stage of their marketing activity.

If anything – you might become more legal savvy by using Law of the Jungle Marketing, as you’ll get a deeper understanding of what makes a marketing job non-compliant and what can be done to make it fully compliant. Why not try it for yourself?

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What are the risks of being non-compliant?

By ignoring marketing compliance laws, companies risk heavy financial penalty, loss of customers, tarnishing their reputation and even potential lawsuits. Damage to a company’s public image and regulator action can be very hard to recover from. With information spreading around faster than ever before, reputation management is one of the most important things for business survival. You can read more about the importance of marketing compliance here.

What is RegTech?

RegTech is a recent amalgam of the terms ‘Regulatory’ and ‘Technology’. It refers to the use of technology to better deal with regulatory and compliance requirements, and helps businesses to better understand and manage their risks. You can read more about RegTech here.

Is Law of the Jungle Marketing considered to be RegTech?


Law of the Jungle Marketing is a cloud-based RegTech solution that zeros in on the marketing compliance and regulatory needs within the business and can fit any industry (FMCG, Pharma, Financial, Gaming & Entertainment, Telco and others). It simplifies the marketing compliance process and protects businesses and their brands.

Our platform provides real-time answers and guidance that enables businesses to execute marketing activities faster, more effectively and with minimum risk exposure. In other words, Law of the Jungle Marketing’s technology turns marketing compliance into your competitive advantage.

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How would it affect my legal department?

It would make their work (and your work with them) more efficient. Instead of receiving repeated queries, answering redundant questions and signing non-traceable paper drafts – your legal department will be able to provide professional oversight as needed and will be able to intervene on major issues, through an auditable and trackable system.

The best thing about Law of the Jungle Marketing is the reduced time spent on the marketing compliance process. Both the marketing and legal teams spend significantly less time dealing with compliance affairs and can focus on what they do best. Contact us to learn more about how you can make your business more efficient with Law of the Jungle Marketing.

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Will my marketing team have to spend more time on legal affairs than they currently do?

On the contrary. Our platform enables marketers to manage marketing compliance easily and efficiently without ever having to leave their desk, sparing them the endless paper drafts and back-and-forth between different departments to get approval and sign-off. This allows them to focus on what they do best – marketing!

Will the platform cause any delays in my campaigns’ takeoff and product launches?

No, it will facilitate them!

Law of the Jungle Marketing provides real-time answers and guidance that enables you to execute marketing activities faster, more effectively and with minimum risk exposure. It minimises back-and-forth between different departments throughout the compliance process. Our solution provides you with all the legal know-how in advance to streamline your regulatory obligations and reach launch time faster. Contact us to learn more about how you can save time with Law of the Jungle Marketing.

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Will it influence the quality of my teams’ creative work?

Our platform grants your marketing team access to all the legal know-how relevant to their work, meaning they can review their prospected creative work through our system before they even complete it! The marketing team would able to unleash their creativity while keeping it fully compliant from the start.

How can I be sure your compliance services apply for my industry / type of business?

Law of the Jungle has vast experience in several fields, industries and lines of business.

Our client portfolio ranges from large global corporates to small scale local businesses. We cover all industries including FMCG, pharma & life sciences, gaming leisure and entertainment, telecommunications, financial services and more. Contact us today to see how we can help your business as well.

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