Simplify the rules

In an industry where regulations can be infinitely complex, you need to ensure that you’re meeting your legal compliance obligations across the board. Relegating oversight to a few compliance specialists can create a bottleneck that damages productivity and delays the sign-off process.

Law of the Jungle Marketing drives recognition of compliance risks under the law. It enables risk analysis and escalation.  It also supports triage processes ensuring risks are considered at the appropriate levels.

Protect your reputation

When it comes to gaming and leisure, your licence is your livelihood. That means maintaining an unblemished compliance record in order to avoid ever having to ‘show cause’.

Law of the Jungle Marketing has a proven track record of protecting reputations in the gaming industry by providing guided validation in real time.

Save on time costs

Drastically reduce the time spent on paper drafts, meetings and email correspondence. Law of the Jungle Marketing enables your team to effectively ensure compliance as the work is done, to minimise time wastage and free up the team. This maximises workplace productivity and efficiency.

Maintain your position

It is important to maintain a thriving relationship with government to ensure long-lasting business success. Law of the Jungle Marketing minimises risk of non-compliance and protects you from regulator action with real time compliance answers and a fully traceable audit trail.

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